What is LilaWorks?

LilaWorks is a flat file content management system for websites, blogs and online galleries. Learn more HERE.


LilaWorks lets you create and manage your online content from an administrator's area. For more information click HERE.

Install and Use

To run LilaWorks, you need a computer or server with a PHP interpreter.  To learn more click HERE.

Does the world need another Website Builder? 

Yes!  LilaWorks was designed for three purposes:

1)  To provide an un-intimidating and user-friendly website administrator experience.

2)  To allow as much flexibility as possible in the design process.

3)  To streamline the process of moving and making backups of installations.

How does it work?

LIlaWorks uses a flat-file database and requires only a PHP interpreter, access to CKEditor and the Jquery 'sortable' program to run. The engine is composed of 86 php and javascript programs and several CSS files.  Installing, moving or backing up a website can be done by zipping and unzipping the entire installation where desired.