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A Framework for the Rest of Us

Lila Works is a simplified content management system for websites, blogs and portfolios.  It was designed with the not-so-techie user in mind.   The goal is to make the process of creating and maintaining your website content as painless as possible.

My experience with 'regular folks' has convinced me that there is a need for a more user-friendly approach.  LilaWorks reflects our continuing efforts to eliminate unnecessary information and provide a more intuitive interface.

Inside the Box

The core of the framework consists of approximately 120 kb of PHP code in 65 files. The addition of CKEditor requires another 3.8 mb.

A few features come pre-installed: the 'Home', 'Blog' and "Contact' pages, and a sample blog post just to get you started. Several addition pages and blog posts have been created for this demonstration.

If you click on 'Admin Panel' you will see the complete content of the website and the activities you can perform as an administrator. (You are 'logged-in' as the administrator by default for demonstration purposes.)

We are in the process of adding  additional features.  You may contact us here for more information.

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