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1233 Ways to Study Better!


1233 Ways to Study Better!

Hey Students -

Don't get all stressed out when you have a reallly lonnnng textbook to read!    Use my fool-proof technique. All you have to do is sleep on every page.  That's right - every page.  You can't skip a single one.   That means a lot of naps to get through a 1233-page long book, but that's where perserverence comes in.   Just be careful to not sleep on the same page twice - you don't want to waste valuable nap time!  

Stay tuned for more Study Tips!!

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Snowball Fluffypie

Hi Squeekie - You make this look really easy, but what happens when your human wants the book and you are still taking a nap? An tips on human training will be appreciated. Your Loyal Fan

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