Good advice

Hey guys - really appreciate all your good advice.  I've been following your 7 Habits of HIghly Effective Cats for three months and so far, it's working.   Yesterday, when I was meowing in the kitchen, I got some liver!  Must have been all that money I've been accumulating!   Thanks

So Simple

When my cat,  Alphonse, needed to set up a website, he decided on LilaWorks  because he was too lazy to learn how to use WordPress.

He's a smart cat, but manuals  are just not his thing.   Fortunately, LilaWorks doesn't require a lot of brain power!  He now has a great website, 'BeTheFeline.com', and a worldwide following for his extremely popular advice on Feline Success Strategies.   Thanks, Lilaworks!

Happy Cat Guardian


Squeekie, you are soo cool!   (Do you have a mate?)

Whenever I get discouraged - sleeping all day can be a challenge - I look at your pictures and see that it can be done.   And you look so good on the job!   Thanks for the inspiration.    :)

Snowball Fluffipie




How nice to see a CMS that focuses on CATS!  

Loyal cusomer since 1995

So So Website

The cat pictures are ok, but the rest of it is really boring.


Crazy Cat Lady, Felinia, Ohio

Gushing Fan

I LOOOOVE your work!!!   Keep it UPPPP!


Anonymous (who just might be a totally biased family member)

Best Website Builder Ever

Thanks for your advice on website builders.  Lilaworks was just what I needed to tell the world about my new crib-warming business.   If you want the baby to have a prewarmed crib, check out my website - hotcat.com, proudly powered by LilaWorks!

Ralph Bobtail, Felinia Ohio